Mayers considers retiring as a champion

CHICAGO -- Chicago Blackhawks forward Jamal Mayers said Thursday he is considering retiring after winning his first Stanley Cup in a 15-year career.

"I realize where I am in my career," Mayers said. "It's reached the ultimate it's almost climbing the mountain and seeing over the top. It may have changed things a little bit for me. I think that will play itself out in the next couple of weeks. If I do walk away, I can walk away as a champion and not many people can say that.

"I feel like I can still skate and in today's game you have to be able to skate to keep up with these young kids. Because I feel like I can still skate, I feel like I can still play. But there's also a lot of consideration with family and it's not just about me. We'll have to make that decision in the next little while, but I think now it will make it a little bit easier if I do walk away."

The 38-year-old Mayers will become an unrestricted free agent next week. He has played 978 games, including the playoffs, for five teams. He has been with the Blackhawks since 2011.

Mayers had two assists and a plus-2 rating in 19 regular season games this season. He did not appear in the playoffs, but he was touted by teammates for his leadership during their Stanley Cup run.

Mayers was one of the first players to receive the Stanley Cup after the Blackhawks won Game 6 of the Stanley Cup finals on Monday.

"Johnny (Toews) gave me a heads-up that morning that if we won that would be the case," Mayers said. "I had to skate away from him; I got pretty choked up even just thinking about it."