Blackhawks share Cup day memories

Patrick Kane took the Cup to play ball hockey with friends this summer. Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Blackhawks will move on from their 2013 Stanley Cup season after their championship banner is raised on Tuesday night.

Before they do that, a number of the Blackhawks shared their favorite memories from their day with the Stanley Cup this past summer.

Bryan Bickell

"For me, my passion in the offseason is fishing. So a friend of mine has his own TV show; it's called 'Facts of Fishing,' and his name is David Mercer. It's a big TV show in Canada. I had the opportunity to bring the Cup on the show and fish with the Cup, which was special because I know all the guys around the room would say if I wasn't playing hockey I'd be fishing. There were two parts. The first day we caught fish, but there weren't any with size. We had a Part 2 the next day, and we got big ones."

Brandon Bollig

"I think being from St. Louis and taking it back there and having the Blues being a big rival with the Blackhawks, people were on the fence as to whether to come out. I got a lot of tweets from people that they weren't going to come see it until the Blues won. Then again, you get a lot people saying that's awesome, and they're going to support someone from their hometown and come. I had a lot of people with Blues jerseys and shirts at my public event. It was cool. It was all in good fun. I understand. I'd probably do the same if I was in their position."

Corey Crawford

"I think just spending it with my family. It was special to me because I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them. They pretty much gave up their lives not only for me, but for me and my brother both so we could play hockey and do that. My parents, they pretty much paid the way for me. Not just me, but my brother and sister have been really supportive throughout my career. It was pretty special."

Marian Hossa

"I [ate pierogies out of the Cup] the first time in 2010. When I was growing up, I loved pierogies. I'm in the business back home with my cousin. I just love them. We decided to do it again as a tradition. I couldn't eat them all. I asked a couple people to dig in."

Patrick Kane

"The fun thing I've done the past couple of times is play ball hockey with my buddies. That's just kind of nice because it's just us and you get away from everyone and you really enjoy that time. I think both times we won, and it's fun to kind of celebrate with it afterward."

Marcus Kruger

"When I played back home in Sweden, we always went to the hospital every summer. They came to a bunch of games. I had a chance to take the Cup there for a few hours. There were kids I recognized from years before that got better now. Now to take it there and see them doing better, some were doing worse, which wasn't fun to see, maybe make them happy for a little bit. That was probably the coolest experience. Everyone doesn't love hockey, but when there's an event, something fun is happening for them, you can see a smile or something, and they get happy. That's worth everything."

Michal Rozsival

"The whole day was fun. It was great to see all the excitement with all the people that came to see it. It was great to finally see all of my family together again. They all came and wanted to see the Cup. There were probably 70 family members, so it was a lot fun. It's one of those things that brings the family together. It's all fun. It gave me a chance to see people I haven't seen for a long time."

Brandon Saad

"There were a lot of friends and fans that came into town, and it was a lot of fun. But I think just spending time with the family. I got to take it to my cousin's lake house and just being with the close family and being out on the water and on the boat. It's something you just sit back, let it sink in and enjoy the moment."

Patrick Sharp

"Mine was pretty laid back to be honest with you. It was very similar to the first one. The only thing we did differently in 2010, all my friends and I were single and now we're married with kids. There were all kinds of kids running around. We put some ice cream in the Cup and had some ice cream sundaes out of it. That was probably the most fun thing we did with it."

Andrew Shaw

"I think the best moment was when I first got the Cup and had all my family and close buddies all at the end of the dock just hanging out in the water all day and just taking the Cup down there, pouring beer into everyone's mouths at the end of the dock. Then we took it out on the boat and a little too many people were in the boat and the pontoon almost went under. I remember just holding the Cup -- I was at the front and the water was up to my waist -- I remember thinking, 'Oh, my God, I hope we don't lose this in Robin Lake here.'"

Ben Smith

"It was fun bringing it home to Connecticut, but we also went up in the afternoon/evening to Boston and Boston College. There was one point in the night where we were carrying the Cup from the car and going to the restaurant, and someone obviously saw it and rolled down the window and gave it a, ‘Get out of here,' in a Boston accent. It was pretty funny. That's one thing we laughed about afterward and obviously will remember."