Vote: Which NBA player is the best social media follow?

The NBA season may be over, but social media never sleeps, especially in the basketball world. The NBA's best are always on top of their social media handles.

On Friday, the National Basketball Players Association released it's Players Voice Awards -- on Twitter, of course -- and the awards included best social media follow and best dressed.

Philadelphia 76ers center Joel Embiid won the social media award after his year long #TrustTheProcess campaign, while Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook was voted the NBA's best-dressed player by his peers.

But did the players get it right? What about Kevin Durant -- his Twitter account is a must follow, too. James Harden and the beard always bring a new look to the arena each night. Is Westbrook really the NBA's best dressed?

Cast your votes!

Here is the entire list of Players Voice Award winners.

-- Isaac Chipps