Flaws in the blueprint

CHICAGO -- Rookie point guard Marquis Teague, he of the every-month-is-Movember wispy mustache, had played a grand total of 10 minutes through the Chicago Bulls’ first six games.

But after playing 6:08 in the second quarter, Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau picked the fourth quarter as Teague’s baptism by Celtic. Teague played the entire quarter against perhaps the best point guard in basketball, Rajon Rondo.

The results were encouraging, if not immediately rewarding.

With Teague running the point, the Bulls (4-3) made a valiant, but ultimately failed comeback attempt against Boston, losing 101-95 to end a five-game homestand. It was the first time the Bulls had given up 100 points this season. Do the Bulls owe the United Center a Big Mac?

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