Korver praises former coach Thibodeau

ATLANTA -- Kyle Korver of the Atlanta Hawks feels the same way the rest of his departed Bench Mob teammates do about Tom Thibodeau:

He doesn't miss the veteran coach's practices at all, but he does heap praise on Thibodeau for the way he led the Chicago Bulls over the past two seasons. Korver & Co. knew they were part of something special under Thibodeau.

"Practices here are quite a bit easier," Korver said before Saturday night's game. "Shootarounds are quite a bit easier. Thibs is a good coach. You are so prepared. And I think he probably walks the line of what's the right amount and what's too much, and he's right on that line all the time so it can definitely wear on guys.

“But at the same time you have a great game plan going into every single game, and I think as a player you can appreciate that."

Korver understands that as long as a superstar player like Derrick Rose buys into a coach's system, everything else will fall into place: As long as Thibodeau keeps Rose in his corner, he will always have security.

"It has to happen," Korver said. "I've been on teams where the superstars are on board, and I've been on teams where the superstars weren't on board. And when superstars aren't on board there's a new coach next year. It's just the way it works.

“So Thibs does a great job of pushing everybody; he kind of pushes you to your limit and then he lets back. He pushes you again and then he lets back. And he knows exactly how to work that. Obviously, he's doing a great job again this year."

As much as Korver enjoyed his time in Chicago, he knew pretty early in the summer that he wouldn't be back. He wasn't surprised that he ended up getting dealt to the Hawks.

"I didn't think [I'd be back]," Korver admitted. "I thought when you add up the numbers and you look in the future, that's probably the case with the whole bench, the Bench Mob, I guess. You kind of figured everyone was going to have to go.

“But [management] was up front with us; they helped me get into a situation that was good for me. So I got nothing but great things to say about everyone in Chicago."

Korver has plenty of great things going on in his own life, as well. He and his wife have a baby girl named Kyra who is a few weeks old. The proud papa is still beaming.