Noah: MJ is the best ever

HOUSTON -- Everyone is celebrating and remembering Michael Jordan in their own way this weekend as the living legend celebrates his 50th birthday. Player after player has spoken about the impact Jordan has had on their legacies and what they remember most about him. To that point, Bulls All-Star center Joakim Noah had an interesting take as to how he remembers Jordan.

"It's really the only sport in the world where when you say, 'Who's the greatest?' There's no argument," Noah said. "It's Michael Jordan in basketball. You can't really do the same for any other sport. Soccer it's either Pele or people who would say Maradona, Roger Miller, guys like that. But in basketball [it's] Michael Jordan."

Deng has some advice for Noah

Bulls forward Luol Deng had some advice for Noah as he got set for the first All-Star Game of his career Sunday night.

"It's not that serious," Deng said. "Have fun. He's going to have fun. Everyone has fun on the bench. When the game starts you just kind of relax and forget about it and just have fun."

Deng admitted maybe he was having a little too much fun last season during his first appearance at the game in Orlando.

"I think last year Thibs [coach Tom Thibodeau] was mad at me," Deng joked. "[He] didn't think I played hard enough. His body language was different after the game."

Deng also noted that he has enjoyed the experience more the second time around.

"I'm a lot calmer this year," he said. "I don't know how my buddy Joakim is doing over there. It's a lot different when you kind of know what's coming. When we opened the door and we saw all the media, I could see Joakim's face and I was kind of like 'he's that guy,' like yeah, I've done that before. So I'm more relaxed this year."

The last word

Noah, when asked to asses where the Bulls are as they head into the break: "I think it's really exciting. We're in a situation where we're in a little bit of a slump, but I feel like the potential is there for this team. And then I think that Derrick's working really hard to get back and if he's healthy enough he will and it's really exciting, man. We're a very capable team and if we're healthy enough and we play the right way I think that we're a team that can make a lot of noise. People know that there's definitely potential when you talk about the Chicago Bulls."