A case for a non-comeback

By the time you read this you may have already heard (or an announcement has been made; or information has been mistakenly leaked) that Chicago's finest may be back in uniform, on the court, cape in Gucci bag in his locker stall, Chi-Town 3.5s on his feet, name being announced entering an NBA game. Ballin'.

As beautiful -- and important -- as the sight of Derrick Rose's return may be, there's a side to this story that seems to be lost in the city's emotional attachment and rush for him to Dark Knight the Chicago Bulls.

Remove our selfishness and look at the smaller picture. Too soon is too soon. Yes, he has been cleared to play and the Bulls are in quasi-desperate need for him and his presence on the court. But there are factors that Rose has to consider and forces working against him that no other player has to consider or factor in when they have to step on the court.

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