Podcast: Broussard's gut feeling on Derrick

ESPN's Chris Broussard had a chance to talk with Derrick Rose before Wednesday's game, and Broussard tells Colin Cowherd what his gut feeling is about Rose possibly returning this season.

"I talked to him last night before the game. He said he feels great. He said he feels great. He said he's incredibly confident. He sounded like he was ready.

"I asked him. I said, 'Look, do you have to play a few regular-season games for you to come back, or are you just going to come back at any point? If it's Game 2 of the playoffs and you feel good all of a sudden, are you going to come back then?' He said, 'Yeah.' He said, 'I don't have any drop-dead date.' Whenever it feels better, whether it's September, or whether it's Game 2 against Indiana, or whoever they may play, he will come back. So this will he or won't he play thing is going to continue until the Bulls are done.

"My gut feeling if I had to bet, and I don't know obviously the answer, but my gut feeling tells me he won't be back. Because physically he's fine, it's just getting over the mental hurdle. And he obviously isn't' there yet. I don't think we'll see him this season, but of course you never know."