Gibson hopes to return before playoffs

MIAMI -- Taj Gibson did not play Sunday afternoon against the Miami Heat because of a left knee injury but he is hoping to be back before the regular season ends.

He wants to try and get into a rhythm before the Eastern Conference playoffs begin next weekend.

"That's the main thing," Gibson said. "I don't want to just wait until the playoffs ... I'm looking forward to getting some contact and just going up and down."

Whenever Gibson does return, he will be wearing a bigger knee brace instead of the regular sleeve he wears. The forward is still getting used to playing with the bigger brace.

"It's terrible," Gibson said. "It's terrible but I got to adjust to it. They're helping me get used to it. I've been wearing it around all day but it still sucks. This brace has metal in it and different stuff to hold it in place so it's frustrating."

Joakim Noah missed Sunday's game as well because of plantar fasciitis in his foot. As for Derrick Rose, his status hasn't changed. He went through his usual warm-ups before the game.