Despite rough journey, Gibson enjoys All-Star appearance

DALLAS -- Taj Gibson wasn't even sure he was going to get to Dallas on Thursday morning.

Like many people, Gibson had a hard time even getting to Dallas because of all the bad weather.

"It was crazy," he told me on Friday morning. "We just left Chicago and it was a lot of snow out there. And I was like, ‘Yes, it's an easy time to get away from Chicago. I'm going to have fun. Just relax.’ And as soon as we get on the plane the pilot says it's full of snow in Dallas. And I didn't bring a jacket so I like, ‘Are you serious?’

“So we landed. The whole day was kind of tough because the driver got stuck in the snow. He couldn't really see the road. We were kind of shaking. I don't know … a lot of people had a real rough time. I know I did."

Luckily for Gibson, he made it into Dallas without any other major problems and managed to score six points and grab two rebounds during Friday night's Rookie/Sophomore game.

"It was a fun experience," Gibson said of the game. "I wish I could have played more minutes but the guys upstairs had the rules."

The guy upstairs in this case was Bulls GM Gar Forman who was on hand to watch Gibson play and didn't want to put any extra strain on his rookie, who continues to deal with plantar fasciitis.

Gibson reported no pain after the game, a good sign for Forman and company.

"It felt good," he said. "I've been taking care of it. The trainers here at All Star Weekend have been helping me with it. It's getting better."

Now Gibson gets to put his feet up (hopefully, in the Bulls' case) and enjoy the rest of All Star Weekend.

"I'm going to stick around and watch most of the festivities," he said. "And represent the Bulls and watch Derrick [Rose] play because he represented and came and watched me tonight. So, I'm going to stay around and watch him play and enjoy the weekend."

Pretty good few days when you consider that the weather almost made him miss everything.