Rose spends practice working on jumper

While his All-Star teammates were heaving half-court shots, Derrick Rose worked on his jumper on Saturday during practice. Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

DALLAS -- While all the rest of his All-Star teammates were busy heaving up half court shots during a glorified walk-through on Saturday afternoon, Derrick Rose spent his time on the other end of the court.

He was working on his jumper.

It was first time he had done so since taking a hard foul during Wednesday night's game against the Magic.

The interesting part is that when Rose finally attempted his first half court shot -- he drained it.

He couldn't collect on the winnings since Chris Bosh made one a few moments later, but it didn't matter. Rose once again proved the same thing he's been proving all year in Chicago -- he belongs among the game's elite.

The 21 year old is still having a hard time believing that he's even gotten a point to where has the chance to drain 50 footers with the rest of the NBA's best.

"Some of the guys that you play with in the video games when you're in high school and stuff -- you're actually on the same team with them," Rose said. "So, for me to have the opportunity, it's unbelievable."

Rose has made no secret over the past few weeks just how badly he's wanted to be in the All Star Game. So it came as no surprise that he said he was "100 percent" sure he would play on Sunday. He said he has already spoken with Eastern Conference head coach Stan Van Gundy, who told the young guard that if he did play, he would play in one nine-minute burst each half so his bruised right side wouldn't stiffen up.

Rose admitted that he is still a little sore, and he knows the Bulls have a tough stretch coming up after the break in which they play four games in five days, but playing in the All Star Game is a dream that he isn't about to let go of.

"It's the ultimate award right now," Rose said of being an All Star. "It's the best award I got so far in my years in the NBA. Hopefully one day, I'll get MVP."