Pippen open to new role in game

CHICAGO -- Basketball Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen said Thursday he would be open to a new role to get back into the game.

Pippen's former Bulls teammate Steve Kerr left the broadcast booth to take over as coach of the Golden State Warriors on Wednesday and their former coach, Phil Jackson, recently took over as president of the New York Knicks.

Would Pippen, who serves as a senior advisor to Bulls team president Michael Reinsdorf, be interested in joining Jackson in New York?

"I would be open to it," said Pippen, who has not spoken to Jackson about a reunion in New York. "It's an opportunity. I can't say that I would just turn my back on it. I would be open to listening."

Pippen acknowledged that he touched base with Kerr while his former teammate debated between taking the Warriors or Knicks jobs. Kerr spurned the Knicks to sign a five-year, $25 million contract with the Warriors.

"We've talked," Pippen said of Kerr. "It wasn't really about me joining his staff out there. We talked a little bit when the stuff was going on with the New York (Knicks). I don't know where that situation stands right now, if he's even willing to run the triangle offense, so I think this may open up more opportunities for him as a coach as well."

Pippen said he is surprised Kerr didn't end up in New York.

"I thought it was great," Pippen said of Kerr's new job. "I was kind of shocked that he didn't accept the New York job, but it's an opportunity for him to be close to his family and be close to home so I think it was probably the right decision for him."

As for the Bulls, Pippen said getting everybody healthy heading into the season is the biggest key for the Bulls.

"We've got to get all our players back on the court and get them healthy," Pippen said. "I think from there you're able to evaluate, but you look for the best talent that you can find that's left when you pick. I don't know exactly what that piece may be. It's a pretty good draft this year, so I think you just try to find somebody that can come in and help your ballclub, that's ready to play."