Bulls climb NBA power rankings

With a 4-0 week, the Chicago Bulls moved up to 12th in Marc Stein's latest power rankings on ESPN.com. But as Stein points out, and everyone else knows, nobody will remember that the Bulls played well during this week in the long run. What they will remember is that this was the week where they made the moves they had to make in order to clear enough cap space to sign a big-name free agent in the summer.

"This sentence will cause actual shortness of breath in Miami and Toronto," Stein writes. "Chicago is in the midst of a 19-9 surge and can now afford to sign one max free agent to team with [Derrick] Rose and [Joakim] Noah after trading [John] Salmons."

Of course, in the short term, the scariest part about the Bulls' recent moves is that the team may actually be better than they were before the deadline. Now, that is a scary thought for the rest of the Eastern Conference ...

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