Podcast: Thibs: Rose leading by example

Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau, speaking coach to coach with Dr. Jack Ramsay, explained how a player with a quiet nature like Derrick Rose can still be a dynamic leader.

"I've talked to him quite a bit about leadership," Thibodeau said. "And in my eyes, your best players, or your best player, has to help ignite and inspire the team. And in some ways, I think the best thing he does are his actions. He does the right things every day. I think that's the best example you can set.

"And he's not afraid to say the right things. I think saying the right things at the right time in the appropriate way is more important than just ... some people think that yelling is leadership. I don't.

"I like the fact he's there early every day, practices hard, he wants to set a great example. He doesn't make any excuses. He's never satisfied. And the most important thing for him is our team winning, and to me that's great leadership."

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