Kerr: LeBron more Pippen than Jordan

Scottie Pippen had it all wrong when he recently compared LeBron James with Michael Jordan, said one former Chicago Bulls teammate.

"The irony to me is that LeBron is not Michael. LeBron is actually Scottie," former Bull and current television analyst Steve Kerr said Monday on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "He's so similar to Scottie in that defensively he was just a monster, could guard anybody, really more of a point forward than scoring guard. Scottie always loved to distribute the ball. That's really where LeBron's preference is."

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Steve Kerr told "Waddle & Silvy" that LeBron James is more like Scottie Pippen than Michael Jordan, and the Heat star needs work on his offensive game this summer.

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