Roster breakdown: Kyle Korver

As we get set for the Bulls season, let's take a closer look at each player on the projected roster.

Kyle Korver

Salary: $5 million

Role for Bulls in 2011-12: Korver is the 3-point specialist. He will be asked to come into the game and provide instant offense from the outside. He struggled at times last season to find his shot. The Bulls expect him to bounce back this year and continually stretch the floor to give Derrick Rose more space to operate.

What happened this summer?: Korver spent plenty of time in Santa Barbara working with his personal trainer. The veteran was trying to work on his movement and his overall conditioning. He appears to have put on a little muscle over the summer. He also got married.

Best-case scenario: Korver improves on his 41.5 3-point percentage from a year ago. He also starts driving to the rim more and gets to the free throw line. He gives the Bulls the type of 3-point presence they need late in games and becomes more consistent overall.

Worst-case scenario: Korver continues to have his ups and downs and can't hit all the shots the Bulls need him to hit. He struggles even more defensively and Thibodeau decides to keep him on the bench during crunch time.

Bottom line: If Korver hits his shots with more consistency, he will be fine. The Bulls need him to be a 3-point machine. If he doesn't do that, his playing time will drop even more than last season because of the addition of Rip Hamilton.