Roster Breakdown: Rip Hamilton

As we get set for the Bulls season, let's take a closer look at each player on the projected roster.

Richard Hamilton

Salary: $5,000,000

Role for Bulls in 2011-'12: Hamilton gives the Bulls a legitimate scoring option with a championship pedigree at the two guard position. He is expected to take some pressure off Derrick Rose on the offensive end and provide a veteran presence in the locker room. The Bulls, who have had interest in Hamilton for a while, believe that he is a missing piece that will help them push past Miami.

What happened this summer?: Hamilton has noted several times since his arrival in Chicago that he prides himself on staying in great shape. It's obvious he continued to train hard over the past few months.

"My things is conditioning," Hamilton said with a laugh after Tuesday's shootaround. "I pride myself on running around with head chopped off a lot. Running around crazy and things like that. That's one of the things I pride myself on."

Best-case scenario: Hamilton stays healthy all year, hits shots alongside Rose and helps the Bulls push past Miami. This is the exact scenario that Bulls' front office is expecting. They believe there won't be much of a transition for Hamilton this season.

"The good thing about me is I don't dominate the ball," Hamilton said recently. "I'm not the type of player that wants to dribble the ball 10, 11, 12 times and the offense got to get stagnant and things like that. [Rose] can still do whatever he wants to do. He can control the team and I'll just help out. I'm running, catch and shoot, make quick passes, quick decisions. and it just keeps everybody in a nice little rhythm."

Worst-case scenario: Hamilton gets off to a tough start, gets injured, and upsets the chemistry the Bulls had in the locker room. This seems like a stretch given how openly he's already talked about fitting in, but it has to at least be a possibility given how much of an issue he had with the Pistons' coaching staff last season.

Bottom line: Hamilton is an upgrade over Keith Bogans. If he hits his shots, stays healthy and contributes on the defensive end, he could be everything the Bulls are hoping.