Derrick Rose says his toe feels OK now

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Derrick Rose says the turf toe injury which has bothered him for several weeks is not an issue at the moment.

"I don't feel it anymore," Rose said before Monday night's game against the Washington Wizards. "My biggest thing now is just getting rest, that's the biggest thing. My toe is all right. I've been getting treatment on it, so I'm fine with that. It's just getting rest and getting the proper sleep in time."

Rose, who originally dealt with turf toe two seasons ago, re-aggravated the injury on Jan. 10 against the Minnesota Timberwolves. He tried to play through the injury, but has now missed five games because of it this season. He played a season-high 44 minutes during Sunday's loss to the Heat.

Rose changes diet: The reigning MVP noted during pregame that he has changed his diet this season. The candy that he used to inhale has been replaced by a lot of chicken.

"I've been making sure I've been eating good," Rose said. "I stopped eating sweets as much. Getting rest, sleeping, just laying around in my bed getting sleep. Eating-wise, I'm only eating chicken. I don't eat beef, pork or fish. I think I've been eating OK."

Rose vs. Wall in a race? : Rose is usually regarded as one of the fastest players in the league from end to end. One of the only players most experts believe might beat Rose in a race down the floor is Wizards guard John Wall. So who is faster?

"He is, man," Rose said with a smile. "He's younger. He is definitely."

Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau isn't sure who would win the race, but he knows how important solid point guard play is in the league.

"That would be some race," Thibodeau said. "Those guys are special. All I know is if you can get one, get one."