Boozer gets stitches during strong effort

NEWARK, N.J. -- Carlos Boozer scored 24 points, grabbed six rebounds and dished out five assists in the Chicago Bulls' 108-87 win over the New Jersey Nets on Monday night. He also picked up some stitches in his eye after being knocked with an elbow in the second half.

Boozer said he didn't remember exactly who knocked into him, or when it happened, but he had to get "three or four" stitches to close the gash.

"I didn't really see it," he said. "I guess they told me I got hit with an elbow. And I didn't know it was bleeding so much. I wanted to keep playing. I was hoping I was going to get some free throws, but they told me it wouldn't stop bleeding. So we had to come back and get a couple stitches."

Speaking of injuries, Bulls forward Luol Deng said that he is feeling fine after sitting out the past two weeks because of a torn ligament in his wrist.

"It feels great," he said with a smile after playing 34 minutes and scoring 19 points.

Deng says his conditioning hasn't been a problem at all.

"The weird thing is I'm not [winded]," he said. "I'm really not at all. It was my wrist, so I did a lot of running while I was off, but conditioning-wise I'm still there. I might be a little bit [winded], but I'm not feeling it at all. The first game my legs did get heavy, but not so much winded. But it's been fine."

Scal gets more love: Former Net, and perpetual fan favorite, Brian Scalabrine came into the game late in the fourth quarter to raucous applause from the crowd at the Prudential Center. His teammate, Bulls guard Kyle Korver, tried to make sense of all the White Mamba love after the game.

"So there's three incredibly loud cheers every game that you can count on," Korver said. "The first one is when the doughnut races the coffee races the bagel and everyone swears they pick the coffee. The reality is not everyone picked the coffee, but everyone cheers like they picked the coffee. Two is when we score 100 points and everyone gets a free Big Mac or whatever they get. And three is when Scalabrine comes in the game. Guarantee, every single game, the crowd goes nuts no matter where we're at."

Has Korver ever seen anything like it?

"Never," he said. "Tonight, I talked to some people after the game and everyone's in shock that it happened. It's just part of the game now for us. We know in the fourth quarter, if we're winning by five points, we know there's someone out there that's like, 'Put in Scalabrine!' Guys start chanting. He got MVP chants tonight. That's just the way it goes with Scal. He's a big deal.”

Is there any love in the NBA like the love for the White Mamba?

"It is a special love," Korver said with a smile. "That only Brian Scalabrine gets in this league."