Wins no more than warmup act for Bulls

CHICAGO -- After winning their 27th game, most of the Chicago Bulls headed out to celebrate Joakim Noah's 27th birthday downtown, before scattering to Orlando, Miami, Turks and Caicos and wherever else one goes for the short All-Star break.

The mood in the post-Bucks beating-locker room was happy but guarded, a nod to the seriousness of this team, which stems in part from the example set by the very serious Tom Thibodeau and the very serious Derrick Rose.

Luol Deng joked a little with reporters, but was hardly expansive as he headed south for his first All-Star Game. Noah was happy about his first career triple-double -- "finger guns" don't lie -- but he was underwhelmed about its importance in the grand scheme of things.

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