Rose won't see big minutes in All-Star Game

When asked during Saturday's All-Star practice about Derrick Rose's minutes situation for Sunday's game, Chicago Bulls (and Eastern Conference) head coach Tom Thibodeau responded this way.

"He'll get a few, Thibodeau said. "But not too many."

Bulls forward, and fellow All-Star, Luol Deng said he hasn't discussed his minutes with Thibodeau yet.

"No, we haven't," Deng said on Friday. "I don't think it's going to be anything crazy. He's got a lot of things to think about. A lot of guys to play before me and Derrick, so minute-wise, I don't think me and Derrick, whether we play too much or don't play enough, myself anyway, that I'll be worried about that."

Rose is a fan of Wade: Over the course of a 40-minute media session, some strange questions and answers always pop up. Here were a few of the more interesting ones from Friday:

  • When asked which player he would pay to watch, Rose brought up the name of fellow Chicagoan Dwyane Wade.

    "I would have to say D-Wade," he said. "He's a guy where he hits all types of crazy shots. You never know what he's going to do. Crazy skills. That's one guy I think I would pay to watch."

  • As for a superpower, if he could have one, Rose went a different direction.

    "I would want to be invisible."

  • What about hobbies?

    "Sleeping. Playing video games. And that's about it."

  • On playing in the All-Star Game with such a talented team:

    "It's fun. I just sit there and watch. Pass the ball and watch."

    The last word: Rose, on if he would try to get to know any of his fellow All-Star teammates like Wade and LeBron James.

    "I really don't talk like that. I'm like a loner. I stay to myself. Just be in my own little comfort zone."