Rose's ideal All-Star running mate? Shaq

When asked on Sunday afternoon who he would have liked to play with the most if he could play with any All-Star, Derrick Rose hesitated for a second and then responded with one of the best big men of all time.

"I would say basically all of them because it's so hard to get up to this level," Rose said. "But if I had an opportunity, I think it would be Shaquille [O'Neal]."

As for which part of his game he is concentrating on the most right now, Rose acknowledged that he's trying to fight through the fatigue that has hampered lots of NBA players during this lockout shortened season.

"The mental part of the game," Rose said. "Right now, everybody's a little fatigued because of the season. But mentally you have to challenge yourself to go out there and play well."

The last word: "I know it means a lot for our fans back in Chicago. It's bragging rights back in Chicago, where I think the reason why both of us play so hard and work so hard ... I know definitely me because I'm from there. [I want] to give the city something to brag about. We've been in a drought for a very long time. And we're just trying to bring the city back to what it was back in the day." -- Rose, on having both he and Luol Deng in the All-Star Game.