Deng determined to play in London Games

Luol Deng may yet have surgery on his left wrist, but he's determined to play in the Olympics. AP Photo/Nikki Boertman

CLEVELAND -- Chicago Bulls forward Luol Deng hasn't ruled out surgery on the torn ligament in his left wrist, but he reiterated he's determined to represent Great Britain in the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Deng tore the ligament on Jan. 21 and missed seven games, but he decided against having surgery because he felt the Bulls were in a great position to win a title.

If Deng were to have the surgery, he would have likely missed between 3-4 months and may not have been able to return for the rest of the year. Deng also would have put his participation for Team Great Britain into some question considering the Olympics start at the end of July. All of these factors went into his decision not to have the surgery right away, but he reiterated late Wednesday night that surgery was not completely out of the question.

When asked after Wednesday night's win over the San Antonio Spurs whether the injury could preclude him from participating in the Olympics, Deng admitted that surgery was still possible, but he is determined to play in the Games.

"I don't know," he said of a possible procedure. "We'll see after the season. I'm definitely playing in the Olympics. But I'll make that decision when that time comes."

Deng acknowledged that he would delay any potential surgery until after the Olympics.

Noah's first tweet: Many fans have been wondering why Joakim Noah finally decided to get on Twitter. The Bulls center, aka @JoakimNoah, admitted that he really wasn't too concerned about the social networking site before a couple close friends pushed him to join.

"Why?" he said recently with a laugh. "Because I had some things to say. OK? So I got on Twitter."

Noah's first tweet simply said: General Tso. So what was the meaning behind that?

"A lot of people want to know about General Tso?" he inquired. "The answer to General Tso is, I love General Tso chicken, the Chinese food. And I was wondering who General Tso was. So that's why I wrote General Tso as my first Twitter."

What took him so long to join?

"I don't know," he said. "I wasn't really thinking about it to be honest with you."

The last word: Rose, on facing potential rookie of the year Kyrie Irving. Rose missed the last game against the Cleveland Cavaliers because of a turf toe injury.

"He's a good player," Rose said. "Playing great; really can shoot the ball. Good finisher. Just try to put a lot of people around him. Contest all his shots. That's the only thing we can do. Make it very hard on him. And make it hard on their whole team so it won't be an easy game."