Bulls happy to stand pat at trade deadline

DEERFIELD -- The NBA trading deadline came and went Thursday, and as expected there was no activity by the Bulls.

"We think we've got a great group of guys who have shown they can handle things," said Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau. "I've always felt that we have more than enough."

His players seem to agree.

"It's rare you have a team like this," said John Lucas III. "Everybody gets along, we're a family. If we were to lose somebody, I think it would hurt us a little bit. Not on the court but inside because we've formed a brotherhood here and we have each other's back and it's rare you have a team where all 14 guys like each other.

"It's not ‘These guys [are] here, you eat over here.' I've been on teams like that. Everybody eats together. When we're on the road, we call everybody to see if they want to go get dinner, hang out, go to the movies, just like we're brothers."

And when it comes time for business, said Lucas, that relationship with one another makes it that much easier on-court.

"What's good about our team is that everybody knows their role," he said. "Nobody is trying to step outside their role. Everybody knows exactly what they're supposed to be and that's good."

Team chemistry, said Thibodeau, is "critical."

"It's all part of team-building and how everything fits together," he said. "There's a lot more to it than just collecting talent. I think it's talent and how it all fits together. Can you share the same core beliefs? Are you willing to sacrifice and be part of a team? That's all part of it."