Sixteen local player drafted on final day

Sixteen Illinois high school and college players were selected on the final day the baseball draft on Wednesday.

High school players drafted

  • Marquette pitcher Joseph Ceja (Florida Marlins, 1,153 overall pick)

  • Providence third baseman Sam Travis (Cincinnati Reds, 1,225)

  • Hersey pitcher Joseph Perricone (Tampa Bay Rays, 1,230)

  • Harrisburg catcher Keelin Rasch (Atlanta Braves, 1,256)

  • Lakes pitcher Nicholas Hibbing (Pittsburgh Pirates, 1,262)

  • Jonesboro outfielder Cody Livesay (Braves, 1,286)

  • Glenbrook North pitcher Alex Hermeling (Los Angeles Dodgers, 1,304)

  • Galesburg pitcher Tyler Farrell (New York Yankees, 1,319)

  • Wheaton North first baseman Jeff Schalk (Pittsburgh Pirates, 1,382)

    College players

  • Southern Illinois first baseman Christopher Serritella (Kansas City Royals, 936)

  • Northwestern third baseman Chris Lashmet (Pirates, 992)

  • Concordia catcher Nicholas Skalas (Baltimore Orioles, 1,115)

  • Heartland pitcher Jerad Grundy (Marlins, 1,273)

  • Illinois outfielder William Argo (Pirates, 1,292)

  • Kishwaukee first baseman Jacob Lueneburg (Braves, 1,316)

  • Quincy pitcher Richard Ruff (New York Mets, 1,392)

    Argo was the fourth Illinois player selected in the draft. Catcher Adam Davis (Orioles, 335), shortstop Josh Parr (Diamondback, 364) and pitcher Corey Kimes (Twins, 568) were drafted on Tuesday. The Illini also had recruit Charlie Tilson taken in the second round on Tuesday.