Weber's patience pays off at KSU

Bruce Weber had quite a week, easily the richest in his life and possibly the most hectic.

How many people can say they got to keep $3.9 million from their previous job (Illinois) and then were hired for a new gig (Kansas State) for $8.5 million over five years?

Well, probably only a handful of coaches in sports and Hollywood actors, among a few select professions.

"I had a good week last week," Weber said.

Weber was fired last month from Illinois. He said he was shocked over the way the season ended. But the Illini had floundered down the stretch and a blowout loss at Nebraska in February seemed to spell doom.

A season ago, he decided against pursuing openings at Oklahoma and Missouri. He wanted to stay as coach of the Illini and Meyers Leonard. His wife, Megan, didn't want to leave Champaign. Daughter Emily was finishing her freshman year at Illinois.

But the season spiraled out of control after a strong start that included wins over Gonzaga and Ohio State. Illinois lost 12 of its last 14 games.

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