Fitzgerald's new best recruiting tool

A few years ago, most would have called Pat Fitzgerald delusional. Even more would have called his pitch sour grapes for missing out on so many prospects to the rest of the Big Ten. But in the midst of a 2014 recruiting class already considered Northwestern's best ever, Fitzgerald just tries to say it unpretentiously.

"I'm not sure if the term 'selling' is right," Fitzgerald said. "I tell our staff this, and I say this humbly: For a young man to get a top-15 education and compete for Big Ten championships in the backyard of Chicago and to be around our players, if I have to sell it that hard, I'm not sure he's a right fit."

Whether or not Fitzgerald is selling, high school recruits are buying. The Wildcats have ESPN's 17th-best recruiting class, which trails only Michigan (No. 1), Ohio State (13) and Penn State (14) among Big Ten teams.

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