Rewind: Bengals Bubble Watch projections

CINCINNATI -- We're all about transparency on ESPN.com's Cincinnati Bengals blog.

So let's take a look back to earlier this summer when we ran a series of "Bubble Watch" projections that attempted to pinpoint which fringe players would and wouldn't make the Bengals' 53-man roster (or in one case, the practice squad).

As you can see in this "Bubble Watch" from July 17, our last post in the 11-player series, we placed odds on whether the player would make the team. We have included those odds below in parenthesis:

WR James Wright (odds were high)

Wright made the team as the last receiver on the roster. He's likely to be part of the 46-man game-day roster because of his ability to play on coverage units on special teams. He had two penalties in the preseason on special teams that drew concern. He'll have to make sure he avoids them now that the season is beginning.

RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis (low)

The veteran rusher was cut Friday as the Bengals officially signaled they were ready for the Jeremy Hill era to begin. Hill was a rookie who was faster, more physical and more athletic than Green-Ellis. He also has much fresher legs, and ought to be better able to withstand the pounding the Bengals will put their backs through this year.

RB Rex Burkhead (50/50)

Burkhead made the team, beating out Green-Ellis despite picking up a knee injury in Week 2 of the preseason. The Bengals are hopeful he'll be able to play again soon.

LB Jayson DiManche (high)

DiManche was on the bubble, but it almost seems strange suggesting he belonged there. He's a difference-maker on special teams, he plays well enough when he's in on defense. There's a reason his odds were high.

DE Sam Montgomery (low)

In a certain sense, we were right about this one. Montgomery didn't make the 53-man roster, but he did get added to the practice squad over the weekend. So he is among the 63 players still in the locker room.

DE Dontay Moch (50/50)

The "50/50" odds were probably accurate on Moch entering camp. He didn't show much that made it clear he deserved to stick, particularly when Montgomery did some of what Moch could do, as a player with hybrid defensive end, rush outside linebacker experience. Montgomery's ability to play on the line's interior also helped set him apart from Moch, who was just an edge rusher.

LB J.K. Schaffer (low)

Schaffer's odds weren't great to begin with because he was at a stacked position, but when he had two concussions in training camp, you knew his spot on the 53-man roster would be filled. He's still around the team, though. He's on the injured reserve.

WR Cobi Hamilton (high)

This might be the worst miss of the projections. There was reason to believe in Hamilton, but once he struggled with consistency and kept dropping passes, you knew he wouldn't make the team. He also didn't originally make the practice squad.

RB James Wilder Jr. (high)

In Wilder's case, we looked specifically at odds to make the practice squad. The running back position was just too loaded for the rookie who left college a year early. Still, his raw ability did in fact make him a practice-squad body.

WR Brandon Tate (high)

We didn't really believe Tate was in jeopardy of losing his job, but you never know. The Bengals were loaded at receiver in camp, and he was a bit of a one-trick pony as primarily a returner.

S Taylor Mays (50/50)

Mays was mainly "50/50" because of numbers. It seemed over the summer that veteran safety Danieal Manning would eventually pick up the defense and stick, possibly taking Mays' spot. When Manning struggled getting the system as quickly as he needed to, though, he got cut. Mays had already been in the scheme.