Bengals-Ravens factoid: Dalton's QBR

CINCINNATI -- Andy Dalton's two games against the Baltimore Ravens last season went completely differently.

You didn't need statistics to figure out just how vast the differences were between the performances the Cincinnati Bengals quarterback had at home against the Ravens and what he did on the road. All you had to do was watch the games.

More on that in a moment. Each week this season, we'll spend Wednesday through Friday outlining statistics that could be pertinent to helping decide the outcome of that following Sunday's game. For this Wednesday, we're looking at the number 39.2.

That's the difference in QBR rating Dalton had in his one win over the Ravens last year and his one loss against them.

Dalton and his offensive line were battered all afternoon during the Week 10 overtime loss at Baltimore that really only had one positive play of note: A.J. Green's 51-yard touchdown catch off a Hail Mary tip that sent the game beyond regulation.

As bad as the Bengals looked offensively, the statistics told an even worse story. Dalton threw three interceptions and was sacked five times. He also completed a season-low 47.1 percent of his passes. Then again, when a quarterback throws 51 times, it's tough to believe he'll be all that accurate by the end of the game. But that's a different issue; one it doesn't appear Dalton will have to worry about as long as Hue Jackson is his offensive coordinator.

What Dalton does need to focus on Sunday when the Bengals make their first trip to Baltimore since last year's debacle is cleaner, turnover-free play. If he can keep up the solid, measured and confident play he had in the preseason, then he ought to be able to lead the Bengals to their second opening-weekend win since 2007.

Against Baltimore in the Week 10 loss, Dalton's QBR was 17.3, according to ESPN Stats & Information. During the Week 17 win over the Ravens in Cincinnati, he had a QBR of 56.5. Four interceptions in that game brought the QBR down. But keeping Dalton upright and sack-less, and getting him to attempt deeper passes seemed to pay off. In Week 10, Dalton averaged 5.4 yards per passing attempt. He averaged 7.7 in the regular-season finale.