A.J. Green: I wanted to get 1,000 receiving yards, but doctors know best

CINCINNATI -- Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green won't lie: He wanted to reach 1,000 yards this season.

But the choice was ultimately out of his hands after Bengals ownership decided he was to be shut down instead of trying to come back from a hamstring injury.

"It’s tough. Something happened like that and it wasn’t meant to be this year," Green said. "I wanted to get the 1,000 but doctors know best and I didn’t want to put my whole career in jeopardy to try to go for 36 yards. So, it’s tough. But it happens. It pushed me to work even harder next year and start from there.”

Green disputed reports that he was upset with the team after learning in Houston that he wouldn't play. His frustration, he said, was only because he badly wanted to play.

"I was upset that I couldn't play," he said. "But I believe in the doctors here and the coaches here and they know what's best for me. I sat down with the doc and coach [Marvin] Lewis and the best decision was not to play because of my high risk of hurting it again and [the potential of] surgery. That's definitely something I didn't want to have to do."

Green said he practiced the week leading up to the game because Lewis thought he could play. He was ultimately overruled by ownership.

"He and Mike [Brown] got to talking and they were going back and forth with that. It just came down to that day," Green said.

Green said he asked Lewis if he could go home for Christmas to be with his wife and infant son. There really wasn't more to it than that, he said.

Green will sit out the Pro Bowl to rest his hamstring. Luckily, he said, time is all he needs to heal, but he's very close to being healthy again.

"I did all my rehab and now I feel good," he said. "A couple of weeks and I'll be fine."