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New Bengals OC Bill Lazor aims to get RBs and QBs in rhythm

CINCINNATI -- Bengals offensive coordinator Bill Lazor had barely held that title for an hour on Friday afternoon before he had a conference call with reporters.

Lazor, who previously coached quarterbacks, was promoted to offensive coordinator after Ken Zampese was fired Friday following an 0-2 start.

Here's what he had to say in his first meeting with the media:

On A.J. Green's frustration after the Bengals' loss Thursday:“I’ve been around A.J. long enough to know what kind of professional he is. A lot of us are frustrated with the lack of production we’ve had so far.

"One of the important things is that we all share the burden of why that has been that way. When we all honestly look at what has happened, what hasn’t happened and what we can do to fix it, then we’ll work toward the fastest way possible to get it better.

"Usually with players, at some places players get a lot of input, some places they get little input. Some players get a lot and some players get a little in what’s happening. When guys earn the ability to have input, that’s probably the best way. I don’t think there’s anyone around here who doesn’t trust A.J.”

On how he differs from Zampese in his approach: "At this moment, what we have to view is, ‘OK, where are we as an offense?’ We’ve spent a lot of time -- and when I say ‘we,’ I mean everyone in the building -- building what we have as an offensive system, as an offense, and trying to gear it towards the particular players that we have.

"What we need to do -- the philosophy -- is to score as many points as we can to beat the Packers. That’s it. And then we will take it from there.

"When something like this happens during the season, you can’t go much further than that. It would be nice if you could, but we have a real tough task at hand. So, we’re just going to tackle that [now]. We’ll let the philosophy work its way out as we go.”

On trying to get quarterback Andy Dalton back on track: “As a coordinator, two of the most important things that you have to do is to get the quarterback in rhythm and get the running back in rhythm. We’ve got a good number of running backs that will share that right now, but when we have some time this evening and tomorrow to think about that, and specifically on questions with Andy, I think a lot of that responsibility will be mine to make sure we get him going.

"As I said in the very beginning this is, all of us, we all share the responsibility for that -- all of the assistant coaches and the players as well. When we all recognize that and are honest about it, it gives us a chance to do something about it and get better. I have great respect for Andy and I know he wants to be great, so I know he will do just that. He will look at where he can get better and he will work with me.”

On his new responsibilities: “There will be minor shifts, but that will be decided as we go forward. I expect to continue to be in the quarterback room.”

On whether he'll call plays from the field or the booth: “I am not prepared to make that comment yet.”

On the three running back approach: “When they all run for a 100 yards in a game, I view that as very positive. I haven’t done three in the past, splitting it equally, but that’s where we’ve been so far.”

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