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Bengals WR Tyler Boyd not sure why he was inactive for Week 2

CINCINNATI -- Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Tyler Boyd was a surprise inactive against the Texans on Thursday, and even he's still in the dark as to why.

The Bengals have seven wide receivers, and with John Ross making his debut on Thursday, Boyd could have simply been the odd man out. He and rookie Josh Malone were both inactive.

"I don't know, it was just a numbers game," Boyd said. "I guess they needed more roles on special teams or whatever they need, but I haven't gotten a specific answer."

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the Bengals' offense going forward after offensive coordinator Ken Zampese was fired. Quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor will take his place. Boyd said he doesn't really know what the roles are at this point.

"I thought everything was how it was supposed to be, everybody was in the positions they were determined to play all through the year and I feel like everybody was locked into their positions," Boyd said. "Then a lot of guys just started rotating everybody in and everybody was getting to play and move positions. I was getting to play outside a little bit at times. There was a lot of shuffling guys around seeing what guys could play and trying to get different guys more involved. It's been all the place ever since camp so it's hard to tell."

Boyd said he had a good relationship with Zampese, but admitted at times he felt overwhelmed with all the information he was being given at once.

"There were times where I just felt like he would overwhelm with things to do out there in terms of details and what to do and what not to do. Just making me think too much," Boyd said. "Not saying that's what he was doing, but at times that's what was happening. In certain plays I felt like I should just go out there and just play -- get my route and get my depth and be the guy ...

"He's a smart coach, he's a great offensive coordinator. He put us in a lot of good positions to win. I can't really say much about it. I've been here for a year. I thought he was a great coach. I didn't really see a negative that he was doing wrong. The offense, it wasn't like we were giving the ball away and things like that. We just have to find our momentum. We have to find us again that's all."

Boyd never missed a game in his rookie season and was a permanent part of the Bengals' offense, catching 54 passes for 603 yards and a touchdown last year. He only had one reception in the Bengals debut against the Ravens and is limited to returning kicks on special times.

Cody Core, who was active on Thursday, plays on several special teams units.

"I don't feel like what I was doing on offense was bad, because they haven't really came and said anything negative about my performance or play," Boyd said. "I think it was just a huge part of special teams emphasis and lack of depth there. That's what I got from them, so I accepted it and there was nothing real made on how I perform."

He added: "Every day I go out there to prove myself to just go out there and compete. That's the type of guy I am."

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