Bengals mailbag: How will Hue tweak run?

After a week away, give a warm welcome back to the Cincinnati Bengals mailbag.

The fact that you're seeing it again this week is a sign that yours truly has a little extra time on his hands now that the Bengals have been bounced from the playoffs. Before last week's wild-card round game between the Bengals and Chargers, we ran out of time getting a mailbag up because there was just quite simply too much going on.

This week was a busy one, too, given the big coaching change that was prompted by Jay Gruden's departure Thursday for the Washington head coaching job. But since there isn't a game to get ready for this weekend, we had a little extra time to get this posted for you. As always, you can tweet your mailbag questions to me each Friday @ColeyHarvey, or email them to coley.harvey@espn.com.

We had a couple of emailed questions this week that couldn't fit in this post. Those of you who sent them in, be on the lookout for blogs next week that answer your concerns.

Let's get to it: