Breaking down Danieal Manning's contract

CINCINNATI -- The 2015 offseason could be a busy one for defensive backs and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Just like R.J. Stanford and Taylor Mays before him, Danieal Manning signed a one-year deal with the Bengals to end his time as a free agent this offseason. It means that like the other two, he'll be looking for a new contract when next March rolls around.

They aren't alone, either. Cornerbacks Terence Newman and Brandon Burton also will be eligible for free agency. That's one of the few reasons why the cornerback position is an area of need for the Bengals in the upcoming draft. As they reassess their long-term plans for the secondary, it makes sense that they turn toward younger and cheaper players at those positions in the next few seasons.

But Cincinnati also knows that it's going to win anything in the postseason with the current group, it has to do so now. That's one reason why the Bengals signed Manning last Thursday. His addition likely pushes veteran free agent Chris Crocker out of the picture, and gives the team another experienced defender who can serve as a mentor to the younger players, and who can also provide meaningful snaps at safety -- either as a starter or a first-off-the-bench backup.

The belief has been that Manning could end up taking playing time from George Iloka. But since Iloka is one of those young players the Bengals are trying to groom, that might not happen as quickly as some think.

The Bengals are anticipating production from Manning, and his contract reveals some of that expectation. It's a deal that's similar to backup quarterback Jason Campbell's $1.5 million one-year contract that will require him to primarily play the role of mentor for starting quarterback Andy Dalton. Manning's contract just won't award him quite as much guaranteed money as Campbell's $400,000.

Manning's cash value will be $1.6 million in 2014, according to contract details from ESPN Stats & Information. He also will make $100,000 guaranteed that came from a signing bonus. Before he was cut by the Texans last week, Manning had just come off the third year of a four-year deal that paid him about $5 million each season.

Here are the full details of Manning's contract with the Bengals:

Cap value: $1,318,750

Cash value: $1,600,000

Signing bonus: $100,000

Roster bonus: $450,000 ($450,000 is the max value, but he'll make $28,125 per game that he's active)

Workout bonus: $50,000

Base salary: $1,000,000

Guaranteed money: $100,000