Bengals mailbag 1: Drafting CBs, WRs, QBs

Normally we would be spending this weekend putting a few finishing touches on the last few pre-draft stories and blogs.

But alas, there are no finishing touches being placed down this Saturday and Sunday. Thanks to a draft process that's ending in May instead of the traditional April, you'll be seeing much more pre-draft coverage for another two weeks.

The long march to May 8 continues.

Many of you have grown more curious lately about what the Cincinnati Bengals' draft plans might be and are anxious about understanding why they might take a slot cornerback over an offensive lineman with their first-round pick, or draft a defensive end instead. I'm here to answer those questions in Part 1 of our two-day Bengals mailbag. The second part will deal with issues related to players currently on the team.