Bengals roster count update

In an effort to clear any confusion that may have been raised by this story from Thursday, here's an update on the Cincinnati Bengals' roster count.

It was reported Thursday that the Bengals are now up to 90 players following the addition of receiver Jasper Collins, who was claimed off waivers from Pittsburgh. Collins' addition actually brings the Bengals to 89 players. They reached 88 earlier in the week when offensive lineman Chandler Burden was signed as a free agent. He came in after defensive tackle Ogemdi Nwagbuo was released last week.

Unfortunately, my count got off by one during Burden's signing. The Bengals are indeed at 89 roster spots, with one more yet to fill. My apologies for any confusion. The NFL allows teams to have 90 players on their pre-training camp roster. That 90 gets cut down to 53, and a practice squad, by the end of the preseason. Players can still get cut and added between now and the start of camp July 24, but for now, the Bengals are still one spot shy of full capacity.

Here's how the Bengals' roster break downs by segment:

Offense: 43 roster spots

Defense: 41 roster spots

Special teams: 5 roster spots