Bengals CB: Rodgers 'best QB in the NFL'

CINCINNATI -- The assignment might be the toughest Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Leon Hall draws this entire regular season.

Actually, if you ask him, there's no "might be" about it. This will be as challenging as it gets. When Hall and the Bengals face the Green Bay Packers at home Sunday afternoon, they won't just be facing a run-of-the-mill offense and a run-of-the-mill quarterback. In Hall's eyes, they'll be facing the best in the game.

"In my opinion, he's the best quarterback in the NFL," Hall said, referring to Green Bay's Super Bowl-winning, sixth-year starting quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. "When you go up against guys like that, it's like when we play against receivers like [Detroit's] Calvin Johnson later in the year. We get pumped up when we face those guys."

The Bengals travel to Detroit to face the Lions on Oct. 20.

One look at Rodgers' numbers, and it's hard to disagree with Hall. Through two games, Rodgers leads the NFL in passing yards per game, passing yards per completion and total passing yards. He also ranks among the top 2 quarterbacks in the league in touchdowns, passer rating, completions of 20 yards or more and first downs converted.

Since 2008, Rodgers' first year as a starter, he trails only Peyton Manning in QBR with a 74.3 rating. Manning boasts a 79.3 QBR in that same stretch. If there is an active quarterback who would be considered better than Rodgers, Manning probably would be the one.

So, what exactly is it that makes Rodgers No. 1 to Hall?

"You see it week in and week out," Hall said. "He's got a strong arm. He runs really well and throws it well on the run. When he's running with the ball, he's probably more accurate than he is standing in the pocket. He can throw a 60-yard dart down the field going to his left. The guy is pretty amazing, especially with some of the throws he makes. I don't see that anywhere else in the NFL."

What do you think? Does Hall have a point? Is Rodgers the NFL's best quarterback?