Bengals' links: Determined to run the ball

Here is what they're saying about the Cincinnati Bengals' 27-10 win over the Indianapolis Colts in the preseason finale:

  • Fighting for a roster spot, linebacker J.K. Schaffer finished with six tackles, an interception and a sack. "I know I went out and played hard. I left it all out there," Schaffer told The Cincinnati Enquirer. "It's out of my hands from here. I think the preseason went pretty well for the most part. There are still some things I need to clean up and get better at but we will see what happens from here.”

  • Backup linebacker Emmanuel Lamur injured his shoulder in the first quarter and needed to be taken off on a cart. Trainers worked on his shoulder and as the pain got worse the cart was called out, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported. “It slipped out and they slipped it back into place,” coach Marvin Lewis said about Lamur's shoulder. “But that's about all we know, we'll have to see how he responds.”

  • The Bengals had more runs than passes for the third time this preseason, according to the team's website. Cincinnati won all three times, finishing with 175.8 rushing yards per game. John Conner, who is battling Orson Charles for the starting fullback job, was impressive as the lead blocker. "Obviously, we are two different kinds of players," Conner said. "He has done a great job of coming over from tight end. He is more of an H-back kind of guy, and I am more of a side fullback. It kind of goes by what this offense needs and what we need at the moment. I hope I did everything that I could to make this team.”