Locker Room Buzz: Cincinnati Bengals

Observed in the locker room after the Cincinnati Bengals' 34-30 victory against the Green Bay Packers.

No more leaps: An hour after his 58-yard fumble recovery for a touchdown propelled Cincinnati past Green Bay, Bengals cornerback Terence Newman told reporters he would not be repeating his celebratory leap anytime soon. "I know they're a big Lambeau Leap team, so I just kind of wanted to jump up there. I saw a bunch of fans up there, and I don't know what came over me. I probably won't ever do that again."

Speaking of leaps: Rookie running back Giovani Bernard said his leaping first-quarter score -- and another first-down run -- were the product of thinking he needed to jump over low-diving defenders. He'll be reevaluating how often he goes up, too.

Wacky games: The Bengals were in a reflective mood after the game as they thought about how many games they had played that were as strange as Sunday's. Most were losses, like multiple games at Denver in years past, and even their season opener at Chicago this season. In a game that had eight combined turnovers, eight combined sacks and a blocked PAT, they still won.