Power Rankings: No. 8 Cincinnati Bengals

A weekly examination of the Bengals' ESPN.com Power Ranking:

Preseason: 9 | Last Week: 8 | ESPN.com Power Ranking since 2002

The Cincinnati Bengals weren't hurt by having their bye week, retaining their No. 8 placement in the latest ESPN.com Power Rankings that were released Tuesday afternoon. They moved up two spots to eighth last week after beating the Cleveland Browns at home 41-20 in Week 11. Cincinnati actually had a chance to move up at least one spot despite being inactive this past weekend. The Indianapolis Colts, who were ranked seventh last week, fell to No. 10 following their 40-11 blowout loss at Arizona on Sunday. Following San Francisco's Monday night win over Washington, though, the 49ers leapfrogged Cincinnati, climbing from ninth and grabbing the seventh-place position Indianapolis had previously held.

When they travel to San Diego this Sunday, the Bengals will be taking on the 15th-ranked Chargers, who jumped up from 18th after knocking off Kansas City this past weekend. If they beat the Chargers on the road, the Bengals should expect to climb at least one spot in next week's Power Rankings.

Last week, Cincinnati was ranked eighth or ninth on all six Power Rankings ballots. This week, one voter, Kevin Seifert, dropped the Bengals to 10th.