Locker Room Buzz: Cincinnati Bengals

CINCINNATI -- Observed in the locker room after the Cincinnati Bengals' 41-20 victory against the Cleveland Browns.

DiManche's note: Each week when they go into meetings, the youngest members of the Bengals' special-teams units bring a stack of notes with them. Special-teams coordinator Darrin Simmons reads them all. According to Simmons, Jayson DiManche's note this week read: "Block a punt to help win the game." In the second quarter, he did. When he beat his man and blocked the ball, DiManche set up a touchdown return that helped turn the momentum in Cincinnati's favor.

Dye's TD: Tony Dye, making his first NFL start, was all smiles at his locker. He was the one who scooped DiManche's blocked punt and sprinted for the 24-yard score. "It was a lot of instinct," Dye said. "It just just kind of happened. It happened fast. Hey, the speed of the game is different at this level."

James Jr.? Asked if he could be considered a younger version of Bengals linebacker James Harrison, Vontaze Burfict smiled. Much like Harrison, who had a key interception Sunday, Burfict plays with an edge that borders on reckless. "Sometimes he rubs off on me," Burfict said. "I take the same supplements that he does and sometimes I feel like, 'OK, I'm in his element.' I take the same energy that he does and sometimes that makes me feel crazy on the field."