Locker Room Buzz: Cincinnati Bengals

CINCINNATI -- Observed in the locker room after the Cincinnati Bengals' 49-9 victory against the New York Jets:

Pacman keeps cool: While Adam Jones relished his fourth-quarter pick-6 that gave the Bengals their final touchdown, he also was quick to point out something that angered him. According to the cornerback, Jets receiver David Nelson "played dirty the whole game." Jones said Nelson cut him about five times away from various plays. "It took everything in my willpower to keep my cool," Jones added. "I'm happy I did. He caught me on one of my better days."

Football tossed: Following his own interception return for touchdown -- his first since 2004 -- Bengals cornerback Chris Crocker threw the football into the crowd. He said he got caught in an emotional moment. "What a better feeling than to get in that end zone after what, nine years?" he said. "Nine years? That's a long time to get back in the end zone. Bless the person whoever caught the ball. Hopefully it was a kid."

Footballs kept: Bengals receiver Marvin Jones, who set a franchise record with four touchdown receptions, told reporters he wasn't tossing any of those balls away. He always keeps his touchdown balls. "Now I've got four more," he said.