Hard shots, trash talk part of Marvin Jones' reunion with Bengals

DETROIT -- One drive after Detroit Lions receiver Marvin Jones torched the Cincinnati Bengals secondary early in Thursday night's preseason game, he took a hard shove in the back from a player he used to battle regularly in practices: Adam Jones.

As violent as the shove might have been, it barely bugged Marvin Jones.

From the moment he went sprawling into the sideline filled with players who were once his locker neighbors, the wideout knew there wasn't much about the push he needed to take personally. He viewed it more or less as a friendly bump from an old friend who just so happens to be one of the NFL's most ardent trash-talkers and aggressive defenders.

"He got a good little shot on me," Marvin Jones said, flashing the same grin he had throughout the four-year stay in Cincinnati that kicked off his career. "And hey, I respect him for that. That's him, you know what I'm saying? But we got up and we talked and started talking at each other and laughing and stuff like that."

Adam Jones' shove worked. It resulted in an incomplete pass.

Had Marvin Jones caught that particular ball in bounds at the Bengals 11, it might have set up a second consecutive scoring opportunity for the Lions. Instead, the third-down incompletion led to a punt, and played a role in the Bengals' starting defense limiting Detroit's scoring chances early in the game.

"He said, 'I seen you make that same catch on the sideline last week, so I had to hit you,'" Marvin Jones said.

On the previous Lions series, Marvin Jones tore up the Bengals with receptions on chunk passes of 32 and 19 yards. He added a 5-yard reception in the red zone before Cincinnati's front seven forced Detroit into kicking a field goal. The lack of red-zone scoring was something the receiver later lamented while Bengals defenders celebrated.

By the time his night ended early in the second quarter, Marvin Jones had caught four passes for 65 yards.

The 2012 Bengals draft pick who signed with the Lions as a free agent in March was glad to face his former teammates for the first time in his career. He admitted, though, the emotions might have been slightly higher had there been more on the line in this game.

"It was just more fun than anything, just looking across the line and seeing all my brothers," Marvin Jones said. "Had it been a regular-season game it would have probably meant more, but since it wasn't, I was just happy to see them. Happy to see them and happy to go against them."