Terrelle Pryor eager to test himself against Josh Norman

BEREA, Ohio -- Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson said last Sunday that Terrelle Pryor is a bit of a hothead and needs to control himself.

Pryor admitted Thursday that he can be feisty and combative, and said he needs to do a better job of controlling his emotions on the field.

If ever that were true, it would be Sunday in Washington, where standout cornerback Josh Norman awaits. Norman, Pryor said, is "awesome," a guy he has great respect for.

But Norman also has proven he's not afraid to get under a receiver's skin. The most glaring example was last season when he and Odell Beckham had a matchup that turned ugly, with late hits and a brawl.

"I'm 6-5, 230. I'm not worried about no corner talking about me," Pryor said.

For at least this week, Pryor has become the face and voice of the Browns. It happens when a receiver plays quarterback and totals 200 total yards in a game. Especially when said receiver a year ago was a full-time quarterback.

Last week in Miami, though, Pryor played a combination of positions that tackle Joe Thomas said required "mental gymnastics."

Pryor admits that he will talk on the field. He also knows that Norman may as well. But Pryor and Jackson both said that Pryor has to be careful not to hurt the team.

"You don't want to take it far, to where Josh and Odell did, but they're two ultimate competitors," Pryor said. "They're two alpha males, guys that love the game. I don't really let that get in the mix because it hurts the team."

"We can't get into any personal battles," Jackson said. "It's not about Terrelle Pryor and Josh Norman."

There isn't great reason to believe it will be, except that both players can push the edge. Pryor said he will talk on the field, and he's a physical blocker. In preseason, he and Desmond Truant got into it on the game's first play, and Pryor was penalized. When Pryor scored on a deep pass soon after, he glared at Trufant after he scored.

Of Norman, Pryor said, "I respect the heck out of him."

"The thing I like about Josh is when you watch him on film is he's very competitive," Pryor said.

In Miami, Byron Maxwell followed Pryor everywhere. Pryor finished with eight catches for 144 yards and had his jersey, gloves and cleats sent to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

If the Redskins decide to put Norman on Pryor exclusively, Pryor will get another excellent gauge at his development. Norman was first-team All-Pro in Carolina last season, and got votes for Defensive Player of the Year.

Pryor's emergence as a receiver is based on one outstanding game. This week Pryor said he hopes for more.

"You've got to look at it like this, where I've been and the people I've played against and the people I grew up with, talking is talking," Pryor said. "You just go and make plays and block them and be physical with them and that's all."