More QBs since '99: Browns or St. Ignatius?

This "20 quarterbacks since 1999" issue continues to bubble. At least it does in this feeble and dilapidated brain.

The Cleveland Browns will have had 20 different starting quarterbacks since 1999 once they play Sunday in Kansas City. That's the most in the NFL in that time.

Turns out it's more than even some prominent college teams, and one well-known Cleveland high school.

Consider five of the more prominent college teams: Florida, Alabama, USC, Texas and Ohio State. Colleges do not keep track of starts, but they do keep a record of players who throw a pass. According to ESPN Stats & Information, since 1999, Florida has had 17 players throw a pass, Alabama 16, USC 14 and Texas and Ohio State 13.

None have had as many throw a pass as the Browns have had starters -- and the Browns' number would increase if players who threw a pass, such as Kevin Johnson and Lawrence Vickers, were included.

This is especially eye-opening because colleges typically do not have players for more than three or four years. Their turnover should be more constant than in the pros.

Same with high schools, which probably switch quarterbacks every two years, three at the most.

In Cleveland, Saint Ignatius High School has been very successful in football. Among its alumni is Brian Hoyer, who started three times for the Browns this season. Since 1999, Ignatius has had a total of 16 quarterbacks start games, according to the school. Tim Hudak, a Cleveland-area native who emails a weekly wrapup on Saint Ignatius athletics, notes that three of those St. Ignatius quarterbacks started this season.

The Browns number tops all.

To quote Kurt Vonnegut, so it goes.