If Browns trade up for QB, history not on their side

The Cleveland Browns are exhausting all options at quarterback, and have been doing so for awhile, which means one thing on draft week: The phones are active. Teams will call the Browns because they have the 12th and 19th picks, and the Browns will make calls because they want to survey the market inside the top 10.

"Right player, right price," Browns GM Ray Farmer says about trade-ups. Whether that player is indeed Oregon's Marcus Mariota will fuel the next 24 hours of coverage.

But the trend of moving up in the first round to get quarterbacks is often unsuccessful, as ESPN's Stats and Information points out. Here's a list of the 14 QB trade-ups in Round 1 of the draft since 2000, along with their win-loss records as the starter with those teams:

Johnny Manziel, 2014 (0-2 with Browns)

Teddy Bridgewater, 2014 (6-6 with Vikings)

Robert Griffin III, 2012 (14-21 with Redskins)

Blaine Gabbert, 2011 (5-22 with Jaguars)

Tim Tebow, 2010 (8-6 with Broncos)

Mark Sanchez, 2009 (33-29 with Jets)

Josh Freeman, 2009 (24-35 with Bucs)

Joe Flacco, 2008 (72-40 with Ravens)

Brady Quinn, 2007 (3-9 with Browns)

Jay Cutler, 2006 (17-20 with Broncos)

Jason Campbell, 2005 (20-32 with Redskins)

J.P. Losman, 2004 (10-23 with Bills)

Kyle Boller, 2003 (20-22 with Ravens)

TOTAL W-L RECORD: 232-267 (.465 win percentage)

And that's with Flacco bringing the percentage way up. Flacco is the only quarterback from this list who's in the top-10 quarterback discussion. Though it's too early to know what Manziel and Bridgewater will do long term, overall there's usually a reason why teams are willing to trade a quarterback in the first place.