That's So Browns: Tashaun Gipson joins Jaguars 'to start winning'

Tashaun Gipson just set a new standard for wanting to go to a team that will win.

Gipson said at his introductory news conference in Jacksonville that he left the Cleveland Browns for the Jaguars because he was ready "to start winning."

The Jacksonville Jaguars have not had a winning season since 2007 and in the past eight seasons have won five, three, four, two, five, eight, seven and five games.

That's 39 wins in eight seasons, an average record of 5-11.

Yet Gipson left Cleveland for this team. That's because he left -- you guessed it -- the one team in the league that won fewer games than Jacksonville.

In the past eight years, the Browns have gone 37-91, which ranks 32nd -- and last -- in the NFL.

Jacksonville, with two more wins, ranks 31st.

Gipson jumped from the worst team in the league the past eight years to the second-worst -- to start winning.

Yes, that's so Browns.