Browns VP: 'Our plan is not to trade Joe Thomas'

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- The Cleveland Browns do not plan to trade Joe Thomas.

That's the word from new vice president of football operations Sashi Brown, who said twice at the NFL's annual meetings that there is no desire to trade the Pro Bowl left tackle.

"That's not our plan at all," Brown told the Cleveland media. "I know it's been written about a lot. But that's as simple as I can say it."

And if somebody offers a first-round draft pick?

"Again, our plan is not to trade Joe Thomas," Brown said. "He'll be our left tackle."

The Thomas trade speculation surfaced for two reasons: First, the Browns almost traded Thomas at the trade deadline last season. Second, the team is rebuilding -- Brown said he preferred to call it "building" -- and Thomas would be one of the few players on the team who could, in theory, bring a high-draft pick in return.

But Brown said the team is not in complete tear-down mode.

"It’s not a scorched-earth policy or a policy just making decisions on a guy’s age," Brown said. "We want to look at who can contribute to us. Those guys may come in all different packages and all different ages."

Brown said the decision to insert Demario Davis for 34-year-old veteran Karlos Dansby was in part because the Browns want their inside linebackers to be more physical this season.

"We’re really excited about (Davis)," Brown said. "He’s got an opportunity to be a tremendous leader for our defense through his play and his character and his preparation on and off the field."