Article examines Kosar's concussion doctor

The New Republic pulled back the curtain a bit on the doctor whom Bernie Kosar said improved Kosar’s post-concussion health status.

On Jan. 10, Kosar, the former Browns quarterback, introduced the Cleveland media to Rick Sponaugle, based in Palm Harbor, Fla. Kosar touted Sponaugle as a doctor who had done much for his problems with post-concussion sydnrome. At the time, Kosar called Spongaugle a “gift from God.”

Sponaugle also has treated Kevin Turner, an ex-player diagnosed with ALS.

The New Republic’s Jason Schwartz asks of Sponaugle: “Since these practitioners’ methods haven’t been scientifically verified, how can they be sure their treatments work?” To which Sponaugle said: “That is the dumbest question you can ask.”

It’s worth a read.