Browns zero in on Campbell's Cinci struggles

There’s the rhythm of life.

And the rhythm of the saints.

There’s also rhythm in jazz bars nationwide.

Lacking the proper rhythm in any of those cases could cause problems. Thus when the Browns talk about Jason Campbell’s bad day in Cincinnati, they don’t talk about it as some harbinger of future problems or “stock-market correction” back to his former self.

They say he simply didn’t find a rhythm.

“I think that the biggest thing that he felt and looked like was that he was never able to get into a rhythm,” coach Rob Chudzinski said, making sure the point was clear. “That’s something that we want to get him into, a rhythm in the game as he plays.”

Rhythm. R-h-y-t-h-m. Metronomes and all that stuff. Replete with double bass and drums.

“It’s a matter of getting back into rhythm,” Campbell said.

In Cincinnati Campbell completed less than 50 percent and had a rating of 44.3 after he threw one touchdown and three interceptions. He struggled early, made some throws early in the second half but finished poorly as well.

The issue?

Right … you guessed it.

“It’s just a matter of getting back into rhythm,” he said. “I don’t feel like I ever got in a rhythm in the game.”

And just in case the point was missed, Campbell later added: “Us as a team, we got to have better rhythm.”

Campbell said he was encouraged early today by the team’s first response.

He said there was “good tempo” during the walkthrough.

Which means there was good tempo as the team walked through the plays it might run on Sunday. Which is rhythm of sorts, though it is a bit odd given a walkthrough is just that, a walk through. Of course, it’s best to have good tempo as opposed to bad tempo, so there is that.

Last week at Friday’s practice, Campbell’s teammates had “I’m easy” by the Commodores playing as everyone walked on the field. Hanging in the locker next to his was a photo of Lionel Ritchie with an Afro. Campbell chuckled when asked about it, saying he’s heard he looks like Ritchie since Santana Moss hit him with it as a rookie in Washington.

“I’m a huge Commodores fan,” Campbell said with a smile.

Of course there’s one thing Ritchie never lacked: Rhythm.